Springtree Farms

A Storybook Setting to Match the Wonder of Your Romance

Four Personal Touches as Unique as You

If you consider yourself a bride who would rather take the beaten path than go along with the rest of the crowd, not only is our venue for you, these unique wedding details might be as well. Personal touches not only catch your guests’ attention, but will leave a lasting […]

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Love shines through cold winter months!

When the temperature begins to drop in Tennessee, most southerners can be found huddling inside their warm homes, not once thinking of stepping out into the elements other than to grab the mail or rush to their climate controlled cars. That was simply not the case for the Springtree Farms […]

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Congratulations, Bethany and Garret!

We absolutely can’t wait to share the love story of Garret and Bethany! You might recognize Bethany from some of the professional photos of Springtree Farms. This stunning beauty was one of our models during a fall photo shoot with Jennie Andrews Photography. However, as remarkable as she looked on that […]

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Building an Epic Romance

You are engaged!  How thrilling!  As a woman preparing for her wedding day, I am so happy for you!  Realize that you have been blessed with an extraordinary gift.  No other living creature on the face of the earth, except a woman chosen to be a bride, gets the privilege […]

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Our FIRST Wedding – Erika and Tim, Jan. 3, 2015

January 3 was a monumental day for Springtree Farms–it was our very first wedding! Our excitement was shared with Erika Smith and Tim Hahn, who were wed in our charming, 100-year old Parham Chapel. The day was perfect! Erika and Tim’s wedding theme incorporated navy blue and burlap. The couple used unique wooden […]

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Kathy Tarr Featured in the Farragut Press

Our very own Kathy Tarr was featured in the Farragut Press “Women in Business” supplement in November. Kathy was featured among other successful businesswomen in the Farragut area. The article describes Kathy’s vision for Springtree Farms. She says, “Marriage is a lifelong commitment. We are celebrating the miracle of marriage […]

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The Springtree Farms Vision

Happy November! As a new wedding venue, we see significance in expressing why Springtree Farms exists. With that being said, we would like to share our vision. We see Springtree Farms as a space where two people can come together to celebrate the wonder of their romance. We view Springtree […]

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Springtree Farms Mentioned on The Bride Link

Springtree Farms was recently featured on The Bride Link in a blog about the newest wedding venues in Knoxville. The Bride Link noted that we offer “some of the most lovely, Tennessee mountain views,” and that we have a variety of “stunning locations.” See the rest of the blog post here!

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Pros for an Outdoor Wedding

Springtree Farms hosts both indoor and outdoor venues, but with the beautiful fall scenery outside, we would like to look at the pros of having an outdoor wedding! – Scenery – This one is obvious. An outdoor wedding provides you with a beautiful, natural backdrop. With an outdoor venue like […]

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The Epic of Springtree Farms Begins

Once upon a time, there was a stunningly beautiful place called Springtree Farms. Yes, it’s true! Our story has begun. The past month at Springtree Farms has been a flurry of exciting activity as an incredible team of friends, family and bridal professionals have collaborated to unveil Springtree as a […]

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