Springtree Farms

A Storybook Setting to Match the Wonder of Your Romance


About Us

“There is just something about this property that affects me deeply. It’s visceral with me.”
Jack Tarr | August, 2012, prior to purchasing Springtree Farms

Jack and Kathy Tarr, owners of Springtree Farms, have been married to their childhood sweetheart and best friend for 43 years. They have learned through the joys and challenges of over four decades of marriage what it takes to build an enduring relationship that continues to flourish long after the wedding day.JTKT Napa The key, they say, is a life-long commitment to live openly before God and one another. This kind of authentic, open-hearted prayer and daily communication is the lifeline of their vibrant relationship. For years, Jack and Kathy have helped many couples learn how to forge a fulfilling oneness in their marriage and atmosphere of joy in their home.

With their six children now grown and living in various states, the Tarrs established Springtree Farms as a place where family and friends could gather. And gather they did! In fact, when folks came to Springtree to visit, they didn’t want to leave. The secluded splendor and majesty of Springtree Farms provides a sanctuary for the soul that is reflective, restorative and fun.

Springtree Farms just had to be shared with others! Given the Tarrs’ passion for helping build strong marriages and families, a wedding venue was the perfect way to invite others to share in the stunning Springtree experience.

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