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My Summer and Working Weddings at Springtree Farms

Well, what a summer it has been!  Since May, I have been working as an assistant at Springtree Farms, a gorgeous wedding venue in Crossville, TN.  I quickly learned that wedding coordinating is more than simply setting arrangements and choosing a cake flavor. Coming in as a rookie, I had minimal experience in the wedding industry, therefore, assisting with my first wedding was full of many unknowns. However, I had tremendous passion to ensure the couple had fun and the wedding day of their dreams.

The first wedding I worked went off without a hitch. There were no surprises and everything came together beautifully!  Although I was exhausted, it was so satisfying, at the end of the night, to hear the bride and groom gushing that the day had been nothing short of perfect!  The Springtree staff had made every dream for their ideal wedding day come true!  I’m thinking, coordinating a wedding is easy!

Over the remainder of the wedding season however, my new-found confidence was put to the test. I learned striving to create the bride’s perfect day does not mean that things always go perfectly.   Many unexpected challenges are bound to arise. Time and time again, I watched with wonder as the Springtree staff, tirelessly faced the unexpected and various hurdles, whether it was a change of weather or a wilted bouquet.  They did whatever it took to resolve the problem!  As part of that team I learned to focus on creative solutions that put priority on the couple’s joyful celebration of their special day. The bride rarely knew of any problem. After every wedding, even the challenging ones,  every couple ran up to Kathy, many brides with tears in their eyes, and raved, “This day was so much fun and has been so perfect!” All these minor obstacles had not affected the love each bride and groom had for one another,  nor the happiness and the joy that surrounded the entire day.

Over this summer, I have learned three essential lessons:

  1. Communication is key. To ensure the wedding happens without a hitch, the bride, vendors, event planner, and anyone else involved need to over-communicate with each other. Just as in a relationship, everyone needs to be on the same page and fully be aware of the bride’s vision. Communicate.  Communicate.  Communicate.
  2. Striving for perfection does not always make for a perfect day. A few minor mishaps are bound to happen. At the end of the day though, mismatched silverware or a rip in your gown are not going to ruin the biggest day of your life.  Creative problem solving, and a determined focus on the solution, rather than the problem is imperative to giving the bride and groom the best day of their lives. Remember it is the experience that really matters!
  3. Serving people for their happiness is deeply satisfying. Seeing smiles on the happy couple’s faces definitely makes all the hard work worthwhile! Before, as a guest, weddings seemed so flawless and stress free. Now after working at Springtree I have learned weddings are a lot of work. . .but worth it.

Even though these lessons were learned in the midst of vows being exchanged and cake being cut,they are life lessons to be taken to heart. I have thoroughly enjoyed working at Springtree this summer and cannot wait to be part of this team for the fall wedding season!

Seeing the joy of the bride and groom makes it all worth it!

by Julianne Foard

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