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From The Mall, To The Army, To The Man Of Her Dreams

It only took one trip to the mall and one extraordinary encounter for Ashli to fall hard for the “love of her life.”  That is exactly what happened to our beautiful, May 28th bride!  Yes, Ashli and Colin first met at a store in West Town Mall in Knoxville, Tennessee, as they stood side by side looking at DVD’s of old movies.  Wondrously, the conversation quickly went from the DVDS to, “Hey, want to take a walk around the mall?” Two hours…and one great conversation. later… well, the rest is now history!  So begins another great love story being written at Springtree Farms!


As long as she can remember, Ashli and her Dad, Tim, have shared a special bond.  Although, throughout her young years, Tim, a Commander in the U. S. Navy was absent for weeks at a time, Ashli considered it a privilege to be his “little girl.”  Kelli, her mom, spent those years “mostly as a single mom,” says Ashli, “Yet, I was taught that he was serving our country and considered that a privilege. They both made huge sacrifices that helped Ashli feel loved and secure.



“Dad had a huge impact on my life and we have always been very close.  I respect him a lot,” said Ashli, as she spoke of the influence her dad had been in inspiring her to become a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army National Guard. I never thought I would find another man that I could love for the rest of my life,” she said.

Yet, on May 28, 2016, the Springtree staff watched in awe, as Tim, fighting back the tears, walked Ashli down the aisle to give his precious “little girl” away to the man of her dreams.

Colin, her bridegroom, opting not to have a “first glance,” stood captivated at the end of the aisle, as he saw Ashli for the first time!   Earlier in the day, he had written a love letter to Ashli in which he shared that, above all others, she had won his heart.  No one else had even come close.  Part of the reason Colin had “no doubts,” was because Ashli also loved the other woman in Colin’s life. . . his precious six-year-old daughter, Natalie.


Natalie, the flower girl, was a joy and delight for us all as she ecstatically played the role of “princess” in getting into her fancy dress and having her hair done with all the bridesmaids.

Colin’s groomsmen, all friends since High School, had been with him every step of the way.  It would take someone remarkably awesome to be his life-long partner, as well as a “mommy” to Natalie. Ashli was his first and only choice. What an incredible love story!


We cannot express how much we LOVE sharing life with Springtree’s couples and their families!  It is a joy and a privilege.



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