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A Day Worth Waiting For

Some things in life are worthy waiting for. For Hailey, the day she had waited for had finally come!  Saturday, June 18, 2016, was the culmination of 15 long years of waiting.  Hailey had fallen in love with D.J. when they were in the 8th grade.  Now, after finishing college and graduating from Nursing School one week earlier, she was marrying the man she had loved since Junior High.

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There was not a dry eye in the crowd as Hailey and D.J. stood face to face, surrounded by the majestic Cumberland Mountains and the loving support of their family and friends.  As soon as Hailey’s Dad gave her away, and before any vows were spoken, D. J. turned toward Hailey, took her hands in his, and began to speak extemporaneously of his great love for his bride.  He spoke of his enduring love for her and the great joy he has, just knowing that she will be there everyday when he comes home,.The words he spoke were his own, and every word came straight from his heart. He spoke passionately, yet so tenderly. It was a profoundly powerful moment. A hush fell over the crowd as kleenex were emptied from pockets and purses.


Hailey, standing radiantly beautiful in front of him, began to speak with equal captivation and a heart full of love to D.J.  With tears flowing freely down her face and sweet tenderness in her voice,she spoke of a lifetime of getting to love him:  past, present and future. Such wonder! Such beauty!    Such unbounded love!


As we said Good-by to this precious couple Hailey said, “This day was perfect!”  Of course that is what the Springtree Team loves to hear!  But even more, we loved playing a part in their sweet love story and getting to celebrate with them on thIs long-awaited day in their lives!


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