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Congratulations, Bethany and Garret!

We absolutely can’t wait to share the love story of Garret and Bethany! You might recognize Bethany from some of the professional photos of Springtree Farms. This stunning beauty was one of our models during a fall photo shoot with Jennie Andrews Photography. However, as remarkable as she looked on that fall day, dressed in white against the backdrop of Springtree Farms, we can’t wait to see her in her own wedding gown when she gets to marry the love of her life!

We couldn’t tell the novel-like proposal story better ourselves, so we have shared the (perfect!) story in her own words. Of course, we included some of her engagement photos as well (photo credit to Kaley Stanton Photography).

Garret and I were celebrating our “one year”  anniversary, and I hopped into the car that Friday afternoon without a clue as to where we were going. I didn’t mind though, it was a beautiful day and I noticed that we were heading towards North Carolina, so the quiet mountain roads filled my eyes with beauty. I was content. Garret, however, was quieter than usual which usually means he’s thinking about something. I smiled to myself and felt a bit suspicious but decided not to dwell on it too much–I wanted to enjoy what he had planned for us without my expectations getting in the way.

An hour later, we drove into downtown Asheville, a city that we had visited the summer before on one of the few days I had off from working at a girl’s summer camp. The day we had spent there was immensely meaningful to the both of us. It is the day we both commemorate as the day we really fell in love. There is a wall in Asheville called the “Before I Die”  wall. It is a huge chalk wall where the people of the city write their hopes and dreams, and our time there this past summer culminated with us writing on the wall together the hope for our lives.

As we got out of the car and headed towards the restaurant, I noticed that Garret’s jacket didn’t have very many pockets; there’s no way he has a ring on him right now, I thought, again reminding myself to simply enjoy what Garret had planned. He took me to the same restaurant we had eaten at the past summer, revealing to me as we ate that he wanted to relive that summer date, reflecting on where the Lord has brought us since then. I was moved by the thoughtfulness and care Garret had taken to make this a meaningful time together–he is so great at details!

After eating, we headed to a coffee shop just as we had 6 months prior and as we passed the “Before I Die” wall Garret suggested we write on it again–this time each of us write something on either end of the wall. I thought this was a great idea. He wrote and then stood in front of what he had written and I went to the other side to write my dream. He called me back down to where he was and I stood in front of him anticipating what it might be. Then he said, “Before I show you what I have written, I would like to read you something,” and he pulled a folded up slip of paper from his pocket. It was a poem he had written for me, inspired by Song of Solomon, and he professed his love in the middle of a bustling city where no one else knew us nor cared about the significance of this moment. It was only him and I–profoundly romantic and deeply meaningful.

Then he got down on one knee and doing so, revealed what he had written on the wall blocked out in a blue square–Will you marry me? It is one of those moments you see in commercials and movies and read about in books and you’d think that you would be prepared but when it’s you, or at least when it’s me, you just kind of stand there dumbfounded for a second trying to process exactly what’s going on. Of course I said, “yes!”

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Bethany and Garret, you are so precious to us, and we can’t wait for you life together as man and wife to begin! Congratulations!

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