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Advantages of a Long Engagement

Short engagement, long engagement, elopement. Whichever category you fall under, there are sure to be pros and cons for each. Today, we want to highlight the advantages of long engagements for our 2017 brides.

Like most things, long engagements have both a good and a bad side. One possible advantage is that the couple might have time between the proposal and the “I Dos” to become more financially stable. However, long engagements also have a way of dragging out the wedding planning process. Sure, everyone loves to hear a good proposal story, but when you’ve been posting on social media about your wedding for the past year and a half, your guests might become weary of the festivities before they have even begun!

We have come up with a few tips of how to make the most out of your long engagement without dishing out every detail before your guests have even had a chance to write the date down in their calendars.

1). DON’T shout it from the rooftops

It might be difficult to restrain yourself from sharing your exciting news with the world the moment you become engaged, but refraining from this instinct might be the best decision you could make. These are moments you’ll never get back with your husband-to-be and you’ll be glad you kept your news a secret, if only for a few days. Plus, when you do decide to share the news on social media, you can do so with a fun engagement announcement picture.


2). Use your time wisely

Instead of throwing yourself into wedding planning right away and becoming overwhelmed, we suggest using a couple of months to browse through Pinterest, bridal magazines and other sources of bridal inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. With a short engagement, you only have the option to pick certain aspects of your wedding once before they are executed. With longer engagements, you have time to figure out exactly what you want for your wedding day. Maybe one month after you get engaged you really love the idea of a huge wedding, inviting nearly everyone you know, but as the day draws nearer, you realize you want a small family affair, so you cut the guest list in half. Long engagements give you this possibility and oh, what a great possibility it is!


3). Doable DIY

Although we love the idea of a DIY wedding, some crafty projects require a lot of time and attention before they are wedding day worthy. With a longer engagement, you have more time to put the finishing touches on your special projects so that your guests will say, “Oooo” instead of, “Oh…” when the finished product is revealed.


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