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Building an Epic Romance

You are engaged!  How thrilling!  As a woman preparing for her wedding day, I am so happy for you!  Realize that you have been blessed with an extraordinary gift.  No other living creature on the face of the earth, except a woman chosen to be a bride, gets the privilege of hearing the wonderful words, “Will you marry me?”  You have been chosen, out of all the women on the planet, to be the bride of the man of your dreams!  You have been asked, by the one you love most, to enter into a lifelong relationship, before God;  forever and always…no matter what.  A new chapter of life has just begun! How fun!

Your engagement is a sacred new beginning.  At last, you have a real, specific day on the calendar—your wedding day.  You have entered a season of planning and preparing the day that will be one of the most significant events of your life.  It is a day that will radically change both of your lives and the lives of many others.  The staggering truth of the matter is this: your wedding is a day that will make history!  A grand drama is about to be written!

As you write this first chapter of this drama together, Jack and I are well beyond the middle chapters of ours.  Throughout the years, many have asked how it is that our marriage has remained so alive and fun for almost 45 years. It has not been easy!  We are polar opposites (of course), and we both have glaring weaknesses and flaws.  However, we have discovered that there truly is something even more grand and more joyous than new love!  Getting married is not the best part of the drama. Being and staying crazy-in-love with your forever-and-always best friend is!  And it is possible!

Your engagement is a time of wonderful, starry-eyed exhilaration. Savor it!  But, it is only the beginning of what is intended to become an epic romance that gets better and better as the years go by.  Your marriage is to be that epic romance.  It is to be an extraordinary and grand adventure, shared and enjoyed with your very best friend for a lifetime. Incredible vision!

The reality, however, is that marriage is the most challenging enterprise you will ever undertake.  You are embarking on a  difficult yet thrilling adventure.  It is well worth the journey, but you should be aware of the facts. More than half of those who begin this journey with you will not make it to “Happily Ever After.” It makes sense, then, that your engagement should not only be a season to prepare for your wedding day, but, also, a time of preparation for writing the rest of your story.  Every married couple wants a happy ending, right?

My husband, Jack, and I have learned many keys to keeping it fun over these four and a half decades together, most of them from our own failures and mistakes. While we are passionate and diligent about helping couples celebrate their perfect storybook wedding at Springtree Farms, we are even more passionate about helping couples build epic marriages; exceptional stories that are extraordinary and fun to “read;” becoming classics which pass the test of time, influencing and impacting generations. Sadly, the common alternative is a dull and lifeless narrative that couples drudge their way through, or, even sadder, toss all together! 

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing with you some of the keys that we have learned about building an epic romance!  My goal is simple:  to share my heart with yours with the prayer that God will give you a grand vision for what it means for two people to become one.  It was His original idea and He is the only one who knows how to make it work!  Strange as it may seem, the glue for our own epic romance was found in the pages of an ancient book, the Bible. I hope you will stay tuned for the next installment of the series:  Building an Epic Romance.

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