Springtree Farms

A Storybook Setting to Match the Wonder of Your Romance

Springtree Farms

Laced rustic, elegant charm & a rich history

True love stories last forever! The weddings at Springtree Farms are richly inspired by epic romances from the past! At the very time that Jane Austen was writing her classic love stories, like, Pride and Prejudice, George Washington was deeding the land that would one day become Springtree Farms. Your wedding day is a day that will make history. This will be a day that forever changes your lives and the lives of those you love. At Springtree Farms, we celebrate your special place in history alongside all other great romances of the past. Whether your personal style is the intriguing elegance of Pride and Prejudice, the southern grandeur of Gone with the Wind, the wild adventure of and/or the classic charm of Downton Abbey, you can have your own style and your very own love story here at Springtree Farms.

Come write the first chapter of your life together with us at the magnificent Springtree Farms! From the beginning, you design the storyline in creating the wedding of your dreams in the setting that is right for you! As you meet with our expert team of consultants, and share your unique love story, our expert staff and team of approved vendors are eager to make your wedding day a classic!

At Springtree Farms we celebrate the wonder of every couple’s love story by helping them create an extraordinary wedding and inspiring them to forge an extraordinary marriage.

The setting for every epic romance matters, so come and write the first chapter of your life together with us at legendary Springtree Farms. We are the perfect storybook location for your extraordinary storybook wedding! Hidden in the beautiful mountains of Tennessee, we are within easy access from I-40 for all couples seeking to share an unforgettable beginning!